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Christmas Music That Doesn't Suck

So, I wrote this yesterday for suite101, which is one of those writer mills where you write and they pay you very, very little. But, I love to write and it’s at least something in lieu of this horrible economy. Anyway, I wrote a little something about Christmas albums that deviate from the norm: Meaning it’s not Bing Crosby nor is it some terrible overproduced Celine Dion crap. Instead, it’s five selections from Elvis Presley, Phil Spector, Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens, and Bob Dylan.

Surely, it’ll make your holiday just a little bit brighter.
Elvis Presley
Phil Spector
Bright Eyes
Sufjan Stevens
Bob Dylan


Majority of Americans Continue to Oppose Gay Marriage
Even though an increasing number of states have moved toward legalizing same-sex marriage in the past year, Americans’ views on the matter have not changed, with 57% opposed and 40% in favor of legal recognition of gay marriages. Americans are more supportive of gay rights in other areas.

How To Kiss With Passion

Are you a good kisser? Anyone can be, with the right technique.



How To Pick a Lock

Locked yourself out of the house? Most common pin and tumbler locks can be picked with a little luck and finesse—so before you call a locksmith, try this.



Support for Legalizing Marijuana Reaches All-Time High
Forty-four percent of Americans think the use of marijuana should be made legal, up from the 36% who said the same at this time last year, and the highest in Gallup's history of asking this question.

In U.S., Trust Varies With Income, Education, Race, and Age
Gallup data show trust, defined as the belief that one’s neighbor would return a lost wallet, increases along with income, education, and age.